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Small Sprouts, Handmade

Lavender Playdough

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Our Lavender Infused Playdough has been a big hit since we released it 5+ years ago! Since then, we have added our Happy Energy and Alert & Focus blends in our large sized containers as well! 

It is a dough base that we created ourselves, infused with lavender oil and organic lavender buds. It is non-toxic and safe for kids and adults alike. It is relaxing, calming, a de-stressor, and fun to play with it! Just knead it through your hands like any other playdough. Kids can play with it like regular playdough. Adults, treat it like a stress ball! Working it through your hands, aids in increasing blood flow and circulation in your hands and wrists. Happy Energy is our citrus blend, to refresh and energize you. Alert and Focus is an herbal blend great at work, school, during homework time, or anytime you need that extra attention.

Each container comes with directions on how to refresh your dough if you were to let it out too long.

Net Wt. 6.5oz/184g